With breathtaking scenery, Alentejo stands out for its authenticity. Claims the rights of an inhospitable land that became fertile over time. Born from these lands are Nectars that enchant generations and wine markets.

Land of good wine, good cheese, good for sausages. Land of friendly people, like herself, who shares with soul, the centuries-old stories of their experiences on earth, the sun and rain.

The Alentejo is a well-known region of Portugal and recognized worldwide. With a favorable climate for the cultivation of certain varieties of vines, stands out for unique, sober and fruity aromas and solid flavours.
The aroma is unique ... It smells like a quality wine, marked by time and the characteristics of their soils, simultaneously sweet and rugged. As a result of the ground geophysics, geography and positioning of the vineyards, cellar technologies of today's winemaking process, it creates wines memorable wines.
Minha Conta