As a long-held dream and passion the Divai Brand was created. Wine from the Alentejo region.

DIVAI means wine in Swahili language and the language of the Divine Men. A name that dates back to the time of the Gods and Deities who led life.

Intend in transforming in aroma the elegance, simplicity and refinement of its image.
Young age, but in ancient flavor, Divai presents a range of four different wines: White, Rosé, Red and Red Reserve. All of them with their specificities and different characteristics, remain in our palate gustatory memory, allowing us to recognize them the next time we taste it.

Born of a highly regarded area worldwide, the aromas of Divai reflect the Lusitanian soul and soil quality and the Alentejo vineyards. The Divai range of results coupled with centuries-old traditions encased in oak barrels the old cellars most modern winemaking techniques. Mixes today with yesterday, and, with time, contemplates tomorrow. Combines technology with craftsmanship. Creates its history.
The aroma is unique in its diversity. Smells like history, spices, the Alentejo.
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